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Zena Algae Peel

What Is It?

Zena Algae Peel is a high quality skincare product made from algae made from the  lakes of Ukraine. The seaweed powder  is a unique blend of microneedling base  that work to stimulate collagen production and superficial blood circulation along with rapid cellular renewal  in the epidermis. It consists of high concentrations of vitamins A,C,E which leads to the rejuvenation of the skin . This product is suitable for all skin types and Fitzpatrick skin tones. It can also be used on women who are pregnant and breastfeeding   It can be used on the body including the arms ,legs,back,armpits and buttocks. It’s important to know that the peel should be performed one area at a time for optimal results .

How Does It Work ?

This can be used 3 different ways LIGHT,MEDIUM and STRONG protocols.

This cutting edge skincare that utilizes the properties of bioactive compounds naturally produces by marine algae (seaweed crystals). These crystals penetrate and dissolve the epidermis layer of the skin/ once applied to the skin the seaeeed crystals gently penetrate surface for 7-10 minutes. athe crystal remains inside the epidermal layer for 24-48 hours before dissolving, during which time skin my experience redness. First few days post treatment dryness will occur. By day 3-5, skin will begin to peel as seaweed crystal stimulate collagen and new epidermal cells develop. After healing process new rejuvenated skin will be revealed !

The Benefits:

✔Removes dead cells &  tightens pores

✔Increases cell renewal

✔Improves skin radiance

✔Helps improve post acne and stretch marks

✔Reduce/control all grades of acne

✔Reduces the appearance of  atrophic scars

✔Increases cell renewal

✔Reduces dark circles

✔Specially formulated to help with chronic sun damage skin. Fines lines and wrinkle

✔Reduces/improves hyperpigmentation ✔and Melasma


➪Wounded /open skinSkin lesions and scratches

➪Tanning (unwilling to wear SPF)

➪Rosacea dermatitis

➪Acute infectious dermatological disease or Herpes

➪Eczema, Psoriasis

➪Botox/Filler done less than 3 weeks

➪Peels done less than 5 weeks

➪Stop topical perscriptions  and retinoids 3 weeks prior to peel

➪microneedling sessionsdone minimum 4 weeks

➪Laser sessions done minimum 6 weeks

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